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About us

LL Wagyu premium beef

At LL Wagyu we believe in sustainable farming practices. We have fenced off large areas of our property which we are revegetating.


We produce a range of products from our farm reared cattle.

We process and pack a wide selection of fresh vacuum packed Wagyu beef at Hook and Spoon in Benalla. All our beef is dry aged. That means it hangs on the carcase in the coolroom for at least three weeks. Dry aging intensifies the flavour, tenderises the meat and reduces the moisture content. So it's grass fed, dry aged and Wagyu ... all that makes for an outstanding eating experience! Supermarkets don't dry age because it requires expensive storage time and the carcase loses weight. Sandy is the owner of Hook and Spoon and is a provedore extraordinaire. Paul is the innovative butcher at Hook and Spoon, who is always willing to try new ways of doing things. If you want anything special, give us a call and we'll work out how to do it with Paul and Sandy.

We make a range of pastas (raviolini and cannelloni full of our Wagyu beef) and a selection chunky Wagyu beef pies.

In addition to these we have an assortment of delicatessen products made for us by Tasmanian Pure at Deloraine in Tasmania. Thomas and Susi have won many awards for their small goods and have been featured on the Gourmet Farmer on SBS television. They make a superb bresaola for us as well as smoked beef, pastrami, chorizo, salami and cacciatore. We are constantly talking to them about new products.

You can find us and our products right here on line, via email and on the phone. We're always keen to talk food and beef in particular. We're also enthusiastic about explaining our approach to farming and sustainable food production.

We attend a variety of famers markets throughout Melbourne and North eastern Victoria. Have a look at the "where to find us" page.

We supply a number of top end restaurants, cafes and pubs in regional Victoria.

Our fresh meat, pastas, pies and small goods are available at providores and delicatessens in Melbourne and North eastern Victoria. Again, have a look at the "where to find us" page to find the store nearest you.

If you can't make it to a market or one of the shops that stock our products we also provide door to door weekly delivery throughout North east Victoria and Melbourne.

So there are many ways to start enjoying our Wagyu. See you soon ... enjoy!

Our Property - Lapin's Lament

We believe in sustainable farming practices. We have fenced off large areas of our property which we are revegetating.

We are also working on establishing a wetland haven for waterbirds and other aquatic animals and plants.

Our property is mainly river flat country near the Broken River in North Eastern Victoria, half way between Dookie and Benalla. We have large stands of significant white and grey box trees. These provide valuable habitat for wildlife as well as important shade and wind protection for our cattle.

An important component of a sustainable farming system is keeping the food miles as low as possible thus reducing our carbon footprint. We do this by having our cattle processed locally and by selling at local farmers markets and by delivering directly to our wholesale and retail customers.


We have 150 first cross cows divided into Autumn and Spring calving groups. Calves are weaned at about nine months and stay with their mates for about another year or so.

Our production process is aimed at supplying to the top end of the Australian gourmet beef market. We aim to take advantage of the high marbling quality of Wagyu by using the best Wagyu genetics over our Wagyu cross cows. This way we achieve the right balance of marbling, juiciness and tenderness to provide the best beef you will ever taste.

Our cattle are long fed on open pasture and fresh oaten and lucern hay to develop the level of marbling that suits Australia’s health conscientious gourmet

The combination of grain and grass ensures that our cattle are healthy and develop their full potential for juiciness and marbling as well as the full bodied flavour of grass fed animals.

Unlike much of the beef in the supermarkets the beef we sell has not come from animals which have spent their last year in a feedlot. For us, this is an animal welfare issue as well as a food miles and product quality issue.

Our Bulls

We use Goshu and Mohyu Wagyu genetics. We have two bulls, Trevor and Gordon.